Looking for a hydraulic diesel driven powerpacks?
We develops and produces diesel / hydraulic driven powerpacks for the dredging industry! Our hydraulic powerpacks controls the cutterhead, winches, and spud systems!
Where our main diesel engine brand is Caterpiller! And our hydraulic pumps (for high hydraulic oil pressure) are from the brand Sauer or Parker!

Our power pack range:

Type Cutter power Max. Work pressure Cutter Suction Dredger
HPU-CSD-250 40 KW 250-350 bar 10" INCH
HPU-CSD-300 50 KW 250-350 bar 12" INCH
HPU-CSD-350 60 KW 250-350 bar 14" INCH
HPU-CSD-400 100 KW 250-350 bar 16" INCH
HPU-CSD-450 110 KW 250-350 bar 18" INCH
HPU-CSD-500 180 KW 250-350 bar 20" INCH

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